Design Your Card Image Guidelines

Guidelines for Use of Color Images (Photos) on Credit Cards

First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha reserves the exclusive right to determine whether to use any submitted image.

Below are some, but not all, examples of prohibited items in the foreground or background of photos:

  • Celebrities, musicians, athletes, entertainers, cartoons or other nationally know public figures, etc. (Exceptions to this prohibition include permission-based photos of you, your family members or friends photographed with a famous person.)
  • Images or names of branded products/services, including abbreviations, acronyms, logos or other related symbols.
  • Provocative or sexual subject matter. This includes nudity (either artistic or pornographic in nature).
  • Copyrighted or trademarked material.
  • Political statements or subject matter.
  • Racial/prejudicial or discriminatory subject matter.
  • Violence.
  • Profanity or Obscenities.
  • Advertisements (e.g., personal business cards, etc.).
  • Phone numbers (e.g. 800 or 900 #'s), E-Mail addresses, and Web addresses (e.g.
  • References to the Olympic Games or events.

Please note: If an image submitted contains nudity (either artistic or pornographic) and/or is offensive in nature, or if you repeatedly submit images that are unacceptable, we reserve the right to exclude you from future use of this service.

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