There are many ways to measure success. At First National Bank, we will consider ourselves successful in the long run if we’ve made our communities stronger because we existed. I firmly believe that as a bank, we have the ability and a responsibility to help improve every facet of our communities and we continuously work to fulfill this responsibility through our business, our customers, and our employees.

Our business of taking deposits and making loans inherently places us within a virtuous cycle of community success that impacts a community at every level. When our customers trust us with their deposits, they enable us to make loans. When we provide a loan to an aspiring entrepreneur, we become a catalyst to make things happen that may not otherwise happen. New jobs are created and the exchange of local goods and services increases, which contributes to the strength of the local economy. When this cycle has the ability to continuously repeat, it keeps a community strong and further enables First National Bank to keep reinvesting back into our customers and our communities in the form of philanthropy.

Our employees are among the best in the world. They embody our culture of giving and bring it to life each and every day by serving on boards of directors, and by donating their time, talent, and money to serving the greater good. By doing so, they are perhaps one of the most important components to strengthening our communities.

The 2017 First in the Community Impact Report showcases our reinvestments throughout our seven-state footprint and the outcomes that we helped our community partners to make possible. It’s inspiring to see how much can be accomplished in just one year but also a reminder that work must continuously be done in order keep the virtuous cycle of success moving. Our commitment to communities will remain strong in 2018 and beyond as we continue to work toward our vision of successful communities in all the places we operate.


Clark Lauritzen
Clark Lauritzen

To view the full, printable version of the 2017 Community Impact Report click here or on the image below.
.2017 Community Impact Report


In 2016, we made a commitment to reinvest $85 million and 100,000 volunteer hours back into our communities by 2020. In 2017, we reinvested more than $26 million and 40,000 volunteer hours, bringing our two year totals to $56 million and 76,000 volunteer hours. The reinvestments made in 2017 are broken down as follows:

  • $15.9 million - Community Development Investments, bringing our outstanding community development investment portfolio to $88 million

  • $6.2 million - Community Development Grants and Donations

  • $3.9 million - Sponsorships


In order to achieve our vision of successful communities in all the places we operate, we made a commitment in 2016 to help our community partners reach the following goals by 2020. During the past two years we have made significant progress in reaching these goals:

Community Goals

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